Workforce Analytics

Unlock the potential of your future workforce with deep insights into the composition and dynamics of your talent pool.



Actualise is an analytics platform and solution which helps policy makers, decision makers and other stakeholders of human development programs to assess and measure the outcomes for candidates using products within the EPITOME solution ecosystem.

Who’s this for?
  • Employers
  • Universities & Institutes of Higher Learning
  • Employment Agencies
  • HR Service Providers
  • Career Service Centres
  • Government Planners & Ministries
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Features & Functionality
  • Talent supply and demand data and analytics
  • Cohort demographics
  • Service outcomes tracking
  • Aggregate skills assessments reporting
  • Custom data and analytics dashboards

National Workforce Planning

Actualise is an analytics solution which provides policy makers and decision makers with deep insights into cohort dynamics and demographics, drawing data from across the EPITOME solution ecosystem.

Watch the video to see how an end-to-end talent management pipeline built with our modular solutions can power your human development goals.

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Combine Catalyst data with cohort demographics and other data sources to build in-depth analyses of where your talent pool potential lies, even across campuses and geographic locations.

Drive your policy decisions with data

Compare segments in your cohort across a range of custom and pre-built criteria.

As a custom service, we integrate with other digital platforms and services to help large-scale enterprises and national agencies keep track of and measure vital workforce and talent performance data.

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