Job Placement & Hiring

Onboard and place candidates in jobs and internships, powered by our custom matching technology which helps pin-point the ideal fit for candidates based on their career interests, skills and competencies and career goals.

(COMING 2021)

Activate is an enterprise hiring and onboarding solution which revolutionizes the hiring process with automated candidate filtering based on real-world skills frameworks and assessments.

Who’s this for?
  • Employers
  • Employment Agencies
  • HR Service Providers
  • Career Service Centres
  • Government Planners & Ministries
Features & Functionality
  • Automated job & skills matching
  • Online competency and skills assessments
  • Aggregate team profiling
  • Hiring and onboarding flows

Advance is a comprehensive learner experience management solution which unites sophisticated career planning tools and support services across an entire learning lifecycle.

Who’s this for?
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Departments of Education
  • Career Service Centres
  • Unions
  • Non-Profit Organisations
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Features & Functionality
  • Career assessments
  • Online skills inventory with job matching
  • Data-driven career guidance & planning
  • Internship placement and management
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Build custom recruitment onboarding journeys

 Decrease churn. Increase productivity and engagement from every hire.

Engage candidates in a discussion about their career potential.
Help candidates discover and align to their career potential.
Help candidates explore career interests by connecting them with L&D resources.
Test high potential candidates with gig work. Retain gig talent over time.
Identify top talent by skills, motivation and competence..
Onboard with high-tech, high-touch, gamified programs.
Retain top talent with continuous development and engagement strategies, built around communities.

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