Why we’re different

EPITOME offers a full end-to-end talent ecosystem with a modular system of solutions that are ready to deploy standalone or in combination with each other, backed by decades of research and a strong, experienced, multi-disciplinary team.

We're led by research

EPITOME is a company driven by research. Our Catalyst tools are the result of two decades of research by our organisational psychologists, statisticians and data scientists.

We're powered by data

With around 1.3 million user profiles captured so far, EPITOME is at the forefront of human capital analytics, using our data to power dashboards and decision-making for leading enterprises and government agencies around the world.

We offer scalable. affordable, ready-to-deploy technology

Our solutions offer an affordable alternative to consultancy-based solutions. Our technology is industry-ready and ready to deploy either with or without integrations into third-party platforms.

We use human-centric design

Each of our solutions has grown from a design-thinking process that is rooted in deep research into cycles of lifelong learning and the life stages of employability.

Our solutions are modular

Turn on or off the modules you need for your services. Combine our solutions with others from our ecosystem to build end-to end talent pipelines.

True end-to-end talent pipelines

We are one of the only companies in the world able to offer end-to-end talent solution pipelines that cover the full spectrum of candidate journeys, from education to employability.

Epitome means the 'perfect example' of a person or thing

Pronounced /ep-pit-toe-mee /, Epitome is a company focused on helping individuals, government and enterprise in meeting the robust workforce challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution with analytics and high value services that help everyone reach their fullest potential.

Our mission is help our clients ‘bring out their best‘ – to bring out the best in an individual at work, in a team or organisation, even a national workforce – by providing affordable, scalable workforce and talent solutions that are ready to deploy, serving decision makers with advanced analytics, and individual candidates with genuinely useful services that help them find meaningful work quickly that is highly aligned to their career interests and career goals.

We believe that helping people reach their potential lies beyond just employment, but in helping everyone:

  • understand their career interests and mindset
  • learn the skills that matter most to them
  • acquire new competencies that help them adapt alongside the changing nature of work
  • find work that is personally and professionally fulfilling.

Our team

Leadership team

Jan Lambrechts

Executive Director

CXS International


Endeavor entrepreneur
Ashoka fellow (final stage)

Kevin Chan, CEO, Epitome Global

Kevin Chan

Chief Executive Officer


SG-based HR tech advisor

Damien Yee

Chief Learning Officer

CXS International

3D Networks
Singtel / NCS
SG Ministry of Defense

Institute of Adult Learning SG, Council Member

Jenn En Yee

Chief Technology Officer

The Concept Room


President Japanese Uni Graduates Association of Singapore
Governor ASEAN Council of Japan Alumni
Director ASJA International

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