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Why have a digital training platform?

With remote working becoming an accepted, increasingly common, and most probably permanent feature of modern workforces, elearning, as a means of professional development, has become an essential part of talent strategy for enterprises.

The right digital training platform helps everyone in your organisation to upskill continuously, keep up to date with the latest critical learning, and connect with the knowledge of your in-house experts.

Recognising that not every employee has time for intensive courses of study or cost-effective access to face-to-face training, a good digital training platform also enables everyone to learn at their own pace, on their preferred devices, and according to their own professional development goals, wherever they are.

Unlock the power of anyone, anytime, anywhere learning with Coach

Coach devices illustration

Unlock the power of anyone, anytime, anywhere learning with Coach

Coach devices illustration
EPITOME Coach is a scalable, mobile-ready talent development solution that makes delivering training content digitally for enterprise both easy and affordable, allowing anyone in your organisation to learn anywhere and anytime.

EPITOME Coach is a scalable, mobile-ready talent development solution that makes delivering training content digitally for enterprise both easy and affordable, allowing anyone in your organisation to learn anywhere and anytime.

Easy to set up
Affordable pricing
Easy content creation
Perfect for microlearning
Reports and analytics
Secure hosting
Mobile friendly
Whitelabel options
Native apps available

With over 1M+ enrolments, Coach by EPITOME is fast becoming South-East Asia’s leading next-gen professional development platform solution.




Content providers integrated globally


Course completion rate

Why Coach?

Make learning personal

Create compelling learning journeys that keep people learning in alignment with their career paths. Combine mandatory in-house content with personalised content recommendations based on individual interests or professional development goals.

Course content creation illustration

Build great learning content easily

Coach supports a wide range of formats for learning, from bite-sized microlearning content to full courses of study. Get your experts making content with a wide set of ready-to-use formats built in Coach or upload your existing assets.

Drive learning outcomes

Understand what is happening in your learning environment with Coach’s detailed analytics and reporting tools. Find out which learning content is most valuable to your company.

Coach desktop course reports illustration

Get critical content to the frontline

Now, more than ever, it is critical to be able to deliver learning quickly and effectively to everyone at your frontline. Coach makes it easy to deliver bite-sized up-to-the-minute learning to everyone in your organisation, and even to your external partners and communities, no matter where they are.

Brand Coach your way

Want to brand Coach for your organisation? Talk to our sales team about our whitelabel options. Use your brand's logo, colour scheme, unique URL in Coach. You can even have your own native mobile app.

Coach whitelabel illustration

Preparing front-line personnel for COVID-19 using the power of Coach

In 2020, Tan Tock Seng Hospital in Singapore prepared frontline personnel for an effective COVID-19 response, leveraging the power of Coach to quickly deploy up-to-the-minute content created by medical professionals.

Want to learn more about Coach?

Watch Kevin Chan, Head of Mobile Product Development at EPITOME, give a tour of the ULeap upskilling portal, built using the Coach platform for the national trade union of Singapore.

Visit the ULeap page here.


What devices does Coach work on?

Coach truly allows you to learn anywhere. Coach works on all modern internet browsers, allowing administrators and end users to access Coach on their preferred devices – laptop, desktop, iPads, mobile devices. Recognising that many users want to learn on the go, you also have the option to have your own company branded ‘native’ mobile app for Apple iOS and Android that your users can download from the respective app stores.

Is Coach expensive?

No. We believe that even small and medium sized enterprises should be able to leverage the power of digital training to transform their organisation. We offer affordable pricing packages, based on the needs of your organisation.

With Coach, you can buy a per head license package, based on the number of users in your organisation who will use Coach. Contact our sales team ( for pricing details for your country or region.

Additional costs for native (branded downloadable) apps and customisation requests will apply. Talk to us.

What's the setup process to get started with Coach?

Once you have made your payment for your license package, your organisation can be set up and using Coach in less than 24 hours. Submit your initial batch of users our support team will guide you through the rest of the set up. It’s that easy.

What kind of support is available?

We offer support for Coach via email. Ask our sales team if you require telephone support services as part of our premium packages.

Is Coach available in my country?

Coach is available globally. We currently accept payments by credit card in Singapore dollars, Malaysian ringgit and US dollars. Speak to our sales team ( if you would like to know more.

Can I add more users to my package later?

Yes, you can. You can update your package at any time to add more users.

How does the billing for Coach work?

We will charge your credit card monthly, based on your current package. There is a minimum 12-month commitment for using Coach. Speak to our sales team ( for more information.

Can I use my existing elearning content on Coach?

Yes, you can. Coach supports a wide range of popular elearning content formats. Upload your existing assets into modules and courses. It’s that easy.

Of course, you can always create your own courses and content in Coach using our easy content creation tools.

If you need additional help to integrate your existing elearning packages into Coach, contact our sales team ( for a consultation and we can help you migrate your content with support from our development team (additional charges for developer support will apply).

How do I onboard my learners onto Coach?

Submit your list of users and their emails via our online form. Once we have uploaded your users to Coach, users will receive an invitation link via their email address.

Do I need instructional designers to create learning content on Coach?

No. Coach is designed to make content creation easy for anyone in your organisation. You can have your in-house subject matter experts creating content directly in Coach.

Does Coach support assessments?

Yes. You can add formative and summative assessments into any module in Coach and track results using Coach’s reporting tools.

Is Coach secure?

Yes. Coach is hosted using the latest cloud computing data security technology.

Can I control which learning content people in my organisation can see?

Yes. Coach can be configured so that people in your organisation only see the learning content that is most relevant to them, even in complex multi-campus or multi-tenanted learning environments.

Is training for Coach available?

Yes. We offer a free one hour onboarding training for your learning administrators when you sign up for Coach. Coach also comes with an online library of training and reference materials.


Here are just some of the organisations driving their talent development with Coach.

Ready to get started on your organisation’s digital training transformation with the power of Coach?

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